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About DCCP

A warm welcome, or “Mabuhay”, to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (DCCP). From its origins as a Business Council, the DCCP was established in 2018 to be the official representation of the Netherlands-Philippine Business Community. As such, we work hard to fulfill our vision, namely “to be the gateway to the Philippines and to serve as a platform for the Philippines-Netherlands business community with the goal of facilitating easy access for our members.”

The Philippines is one of the most dynamic economies in the East Asia Pacific region: with increasing urbanization, a growing middle class, and a large and young population, the Philippines’ economic dynamism is rooted in strong consumer demand supported by a vibrant labor market and robust remittances. Business activities are buoyant with notable performance in the services sector including the business process outsourcing, real estate, as well as finance and insurance industries. Sound economic fundamentals and a globally recognized competitive workforce reinforce the growth momentum.


The Chamber is here to support entrepreneurs and businesses who are ready to expand to a new market: we work closely together with the Netherlands Embassy in the Philippines, offer networking opportunities with well-established companies in the country, and business services either in-house or through select trusted partners, and keep you up to date of any market developments and trends.

Our partners in the Netherlands include NLinbusiness, RVO, and others while in Brussels we work with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center. DCCP is also a member of the ASEAN-Dutch Chamber Network, a platform of Chambers in South-East Asia.

If you are a local investor interested in investing in the Netherlands please check our Netherlands-Doing Business section where you find access to government agencies and other sources.

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Our Mission

The Philippines

The economy of the Philippines stands as a notable example of an emerging market and a newly industrialized nation within the vibrant Asia-Pacific region. Renowned for its dynamism, it has shown remarkable growth and development in recent years.


The Netherlands

In 2021, the Netherlands boasted the 17th largest global economy in terms of GDP. With a noteworthy GDP per capita of $72,973 in the fiscal year 2023, the country ranks among the world's highest-earning nations.

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