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Here’s my simple advice to other entrepreneurs, “do not underestimate the power of figures. Numbers are relevant to foresee your next step.

Louella Zarcilla
LZ Cybersecurity Corporation

Hi, my name is Louella Marie Zarcilla and I am Founder and Chief Operating Officer at LZ Cybersecurity Corporation . I am a quiet leader who loves to explore systematic model for any development. As early as 14 years old—observing social behavior, science and technology became a hobby. A Master of Arts in Foreign Service degree holder and at present, the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of LZ Cybersecurity and Technologies Corporation.

Our company started with a thesis entitled “The New Identity of Hacking and The Division of Forms: Implications to National & International Cybersecurity” written 2017. With intensive year(s) of understanding the behavior of hackers and the importance of cybersecurity—we decided to execute our business model this 2020 right before the Covid-19 pandemic took hold of the country. Technicalities can be easily understood due to formulated methods however, human behavior and its patterns, need more time for us to dive deeper.

As the current global crisis urged the majority of industries to go digital; the Company has earned the trust of our newly acquired partners and affiliates through quality service. Composed of accomplished specialists in cybersecurity, ethical hacking, innovation, research, and policies, LZ Cybersecurity and Technologies Corporation aims to create a safer cyberspace for businesses and the community.

Being an entrepreneur had not been in my plan. I love to work behind the scenes and being in front of a crowd is not my thing. However, people from different sectors, cultures, and countries gave attention to my skill set and are willing to invest (monetary, knowledge, mentorship, and time). The shifting of the global market to include the ASEAN region motivates me to explore entrepreneurship through Cybersecurity, Information Security and Technology.

In my opinion, a country’s business environment may flourish through Research and Development: these include but are not limited to continuous research, improvement of a product/service, and through innovation. A business without proper analysis, forecasting, figures, and possible probabilities for growth, development and even failure will not suffice changes. Here’s my simple advice to other entrepreneurs, “do not underestimate the power of figures. Numbers are relevant to foresee your next step.


For aspiring entrepreneurs, it is important to find the right niche for your market, to test and to execute. 

Jasper van den Borne
Managing Director, AED Philippines
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